Clean de la Crème

Alena Rostkova
4208 New Brighton dr.
Apex, NC 27539

phone (919)-332-8047

Cleaning Process

Our materials

Windex type product for cleaning glass and dampening cloths.
Citra-solve or other biodegradable cleaner for bath, kitchen and floor.
Comet powder cleaner or other soft scrub type product is used on soap scum and tough grime.
Clorox or Lysol type product used sparingly for mildew stains.
Citra solve or Murphy oil used for wood floor.
Weiman stainless steel cleaner & polish.
Pledge for cleaning and polishing wood surfaces.
We may use your own special products upon request.


We wipe all horizontal surfaces with clean, damp or lightly oiled rags or a Swiffer duster. This includes furniture tops, lamps, light fixtures, shelves, and knick-knacks. We regularly dust behind, under, and all sides of furniture. All window panes, sills and blinds are dusted with duster. We also dust high corners, edges, low corners, baseboards, ceiling fans with an extended duster. Baseboards, other woodwork and blinds are wiped down as necessary or as requested.


We vacuum all hard floors and stairs with a floor attachment. All carpets are vacuumed with a quality carpet vacuum. We vacuum under all furniture, beds, couches, and chairs.


Eachbathroom is dusted and vacuumed. All sinks, faucets are cleaned and dried. Counters and mirrors are cleaned. Cabinets are wiped, walls of shower scrubbed, floor of shower and tub scrubbed, soap dishes cleaned. Windex is used on glass doors. Toilets are cleaned. Floor is mopped and trash is emptied.


All kitchens are dusted and vacuumed. Counters and cabinets (if needed) are wiped down. Stovetop is wiped down, outside of all appliances (microwave also inside), with Windex. Sink and fixtures are cleaned. Floor is mopped, tables are cleaned and trash is emptied.


We dust and vacuum, make beds, straighten up, glass surfaces and mirrors are cleaned with Windex, empty trashcans.

Living Room

We dust furniture and vacuum carpets. Hardwood floors are vacuumed and mopped.


Vacuum and mop, glass front door are cleaned with Windex

Additional Services

Changing linens, cleaning inside windows, inside refrigerator, inside ovens, sweep porches, do dishes, scrubbing baseboards.
Standard extra fee: $20.00